【輝きを愉しむ水墨画。女流画家 蓮水の新作展】
当展では「わ」、「さくら」、「みず」などの他、ワンタッチで入れ替え可能な小作品「10×10 -テンバイテン-」の新作を展示します。


青山学院大学理 工学部卒業後に書道家 武田双雲、水墨画家 小林東雲に師事。
アートフェア東京、Dubai calligraphy biennale出展、東京マラソンのアートワーク作成、着物ブランド「SHITO HISAYO」とのコラボレーション実施、日本テレビ「King & Princeる。」出演など幅広く活躍。一方で書画教室「わ」を主宰。子供への教育にも精力的に取り組んでいる。

Ehibition by Rensui “Wa”

We will be holding a solo exhibition by Rensui, a female artist who creates Sumi paintings with collages of gold leaf and colors with resin cured with LED lights.
The “Wa” in the exhibition’s name and the name of her representative work is filled with various thoughts such as circle,harmony,Japan.
Please enjoy the beautiful world colored by the power of ink, the brilliance of foil, and the harmony of detailed techniques.

Artist biography

A female artist who creates colorful ink paintings collaged with gold leaf and resin.
After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, she studied under calligrapher Takeda Soun and ink painter Kobayashi Shinonome.
She has been active in a wide range of activities, including exhibiting at Art Fair Tokyo and Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, creating artwork for the Tokyo Marathon, collaborating with the kimono brand “SHITO HISAYO”, and appearing on TV.On the other hand, she leads the calligraphy class “Wa”. She is also very active in educating her children.