澄み渡る色彩と躍動感ある表現が特徴の宮塚 春美の個展をギャラリー上田にて初開催します。
We will hold the first solo exhibition of Harumi Miyatsuka, who is known for her clear colors and dynamic expressions.She is active in Europe and Asia, mainly in Tokyo, and is an artist who has many installations in homes and companies as art that can be incorporated into daily life. We’ll show approximately 20 of her new works.

宮塚 春美
“My childhood was fascinated by the wonder of bright colors.
I saw all sorts of organic and inorganic matter flickering in the light shining on the waves.
In order to visualize that world, I wants to explore it using color and form.”
Harumi Miyatsuka

なお当展はWEBサイト「OIL by 美術手帖」が主催のリアル&オンラインイベント
【OIL ART MARKET2023】とタイアップ開催されます。


Born in Tokyo.Graduated from Musashino Art University in 1971, majoring in oil painting.
After serving as an assistant at the same university for four years, he moved to the United States and studied sculpture and copperplate engraving for three years at the Palos Verdes Art Center (USA).
She is currently participating in exhibitions and symposiums in many countries, mainly Japan, but also China, Spain, and Slovenia.

Mainly exhibitions,symposiums

リュブリアナ市立図書館 (スロベニア)
サンタフェ アートフェア (アメリカ)
CiaF/C.F (韓国、上海、ウズベキスタン)
ボマルツォ市庁舎 (イタリア)
ギャラリー上田 (日本 東京)
アートホテル小田原グリーンホテル (日本 神奈川)
由布院アートホール (日本 大分)

Ljubljana City Library (Slovenia)
Santa Fe Art Fair (USA)
CiaF/C.F (Korea, Shanghai, Uzbekistan)
Bomarzo Town Hall (Italy)
Gallery Ueda (Tokyo, Japan)
Art Hotel Odawara Green Hotel (Kanagawa Japan)
Yufuin Art Hall (Oita, Japan)