アーティスト、ソムリエ、事業家と多くの顔を持つルモニエによる個展をギャラリー上田にて初開催します。《多様性ある日本文化》をテーマに、様々な色のワイヤーをしめ縄の技法を応用した独自の盆栽「Briller – ブリエ-」の新作を展示・販売いたします。



1990年 パリ生まれのアーティスト、ソムリエ、事業家。
コレクターの父より盆栽の扱いと絵画を学ぶ。16 才から料理店でソムリエ修行をはじめ、DUCASSE Paris、La Cour Jardin など名だたる店のシェフソムリエとして活躍するまでになる。同時に制作活動を続けた。
盆栽、武道などの日本文化に魅せられ事業での来日を機に日本へ移住。30箇所以上の酒蔵を訪れ、蔵と外界との境界として祀られる” しめ縄” の神聖な姿に感銘を受け制作技法を学ぶ。
同技法を応用し様々な色のワイヤーで創る手入れ不要の盆栽「Briller- ブリエ-」にて新たな形の日本文化を発信している。

Ehibition: Kevin LEMONNIER

【Attractive with its shine. A new bonsai proposed by Kevin Lemonnier】
Lemonnier, who has many hats as an artist, sommelier, and industrialist, will be holding his first solo exhibition at Gallery Ueda. With the theme of ”Diversity of Japanese Culture”, we will be exhibiting and selling new works of our unique bonsai”Briller”, which uses wires of various colors and the Shimenawa technique.
This series was well received at a solo exhibition at Kimpton Tokyo Shinjuku in 2022. As the name suggests, the work brings brilliance to the space, and is compatible with modern architecture and requires no maintenance, so there are many examples of its installation in stores and homes.

In addition, because of his upbringing in France, where the national policy is to preserve the global environment and reuse resources, Lemonnier uses discarded metal and ceramic shards in his works. It asks the viewer, “What can we do right now?”

Artist biography

Artist, sommelier, and industrialist born in Paris in 1990.
He learned how to treat and paint bonsai from his collector father. He started training as a sommelier at a restaurant when he was 16 years old, and went on to work as a chef sommelier at famous restaurants such as DUCASSE Paris and La Cour Jardin. At the same time he continued his production activities.
He was fascinated by Japanese culture such as bonsai and martial arts, and moved to Japan for his business. He visited more than 30 sake breweries and was impressed by the sacred appearance of ”shimenawa”, which are enshrined as the boundary between the brewery and the outside world, and learned the production techniques. He is transmitting a new form of Japanese culture by applying the same technique and creating ”Briller” bonsai, which requires no maintenance, using wires of various colors.