Gallery Ueda



Hiroko Inoue


Born in Osaka.Since 1995,she has been producing her works with a motif of window, from an ordinary residence’s to an isolated institution’s ,in various places of the world.
She started producing her works in Germany in 1999.


  1. 1998Osaka Triennial, City of Dusseldorf and Goethe-Institut Kansai Prize
  2. 2001Contemporary Art Works n City Vision-Nets, Curator’s Choice
  3. 2007Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange of Japan’s Govemmental Agency of Cultual Affairs
  4. 2007Japanese ?Austrian Committee for 21st Century

Solo Exhibition

Musashino Art University (Japan)
Shimane Prefectual Convention Center (Japan)
Wassermuseum (Germany)
Galerie Andreas Bruning (Germany)
Jugendstiltheater Otto Wagner Spital (Austria)
Art Front Gallery (Japan)


The Japan Foundation (Japan)
The Nippon Foundation Osaka Prefecture, (Japan)
City of Vienna (Austria)
Clemson University (U.S.A)
Museums Quartier , Wien